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K-1 Visa Application from Thailand: Medical Examination Requirements

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests we are going to be discussing the K1 visa application process with specific emphasis on the medical examination.

Now let me first preface this video by stating we are dealing with the back end of the K1 Visa process, not the front end. The front end primarily deals with the Department of Homeland Security, the immigration apparatus that exists under the auspices that American agency.

The visa application which occurs at the US Embassy here in Thailand is basically, it is a sub process as part of the overarching, overall process and as part of that process, the Consular Officers at the US Embassy here require that the applicant show a medical examination, demonstrate that they are medically fit to travel to the United States. Oftentimes this requires certain vaccination histories, perhaps a new set of vaccinations depending on one's specific circumstances and in certain cases one can be found to be inadmissible to the United States under health-related grounds. In the past, things like HIV infection could lead one to be inadmissible; that is not so much an issue these days. However things like tuberculosis or prior tuberculosis infection etc., these can, tuberculosis still can be a ground of inadmissibility if one is affected with that particular disease. So the medical examination is an important aspect of the overall process but it is not, in most cases I find, in most routine cases, it is not a major issue.  It is simply a matter of going through the motions of getting the medical exam done. It should be noted that these are specifically sanctioned, they are called Civil Surgeons, they are sanctioned by the US Embassy here in Thailand and they are in various locations in both Bangkok and Chiang Mai where one of these medical examinations can be undertaken. It is a common misconception that the medical exam needs to be done up front, that is not necessarily the case. You don't need to deal with it until later on down the road. Also people think "I can just go to the hospital down the road". “No that is not correct!” You have to deal with the Civil Surgeon that is sanctioned by the US Embassy to undertake these proceedings and to conduct these examinations so there are some formalities that have to be met even with respect to the medical exam but that being said, they don't necessarily need to be dealt with at the front end of the overall process.