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The K-1 Visa Processed in Thailand: Packet 3

Transcript of the above video:

In this video today, we are going to be discussing specifically Packet 3, and we are going to discussing it in the context of the K-1 visa.

What is packet 3? Well Packet 3 is basically a notification from the US Embassy here in Bangkok that the Embassy is preparing to begin final processing of visa application; I shouldn’t even say, final processing. There’s 3 phases to this process; the Department of Homeland Security, National Visa Centre and then finally, the US Embassy here in Bangkok. They are just getting the ball in their hand when Packet 3’s letter is sent out and they are getting moving on what needs to be done for the final phases of issuance of a K-1 Visa but Packet 3 is necessary in order to get the interview date scheduled so that the fiancée can interview at the US Embassy here and presumably, if approved on interview date, go ahead and be issued their visa and be able to travel to the United States shortly thereafter. With respect to Packet 3, they are asking for various things most notable which is necessary. The point of Packet 3 is Police Clearances and Medical Exams; we assist all of our clients in obtaining their police clearances. In those cases where the client does not have a “clean” police clearance, they have some sort of criminal history in their past, generally speaking the Consular Officer  is going to want to see the case history with respect to that individual’s specific infractions and we assist in obtaining those as well. The other thing is with respect to the medical exam, in the past, actually you could go to an interview in the past without a medical exam not necessarily having been issued yet and they go ahead and conduct the interview and ask for the medical to be sent later. Now they won’t let anybody come to interview without a medical examination; I think this is more from a time efficiency sort of standpoint.

The other thing to keep in mind with respect to the Medical Examination is in the past it could be done relatively quickly; oftentimes we would see the entire medical being wrapped up in a day. Now the medical exam requires, it is my understanding it requires an examination for antibiotic resistant gonorrhea and the culturing takes about a week to undertake and to finish off so that that medical exam can be issued. so we there are some timing crutches we get into in these cases, it’s no big deal, we coordinate our efforts with the fiancées in question to go ahead and get that issued but once the medical exam is issued and the interview date is set, we assist in sending them to interview with all the requested documentation pursuant to the protocols set forth in Packet 3 and we can assist is a 221-g is issued subsequent to interview asking for further documentation; we can assist with that as well. But the point I wanted to get across with this specifically today is one of the major things that happens in Packet 3 is Police Clearance issuance and in those instances where a Police Clearance, a “clean” Police Clearance cannot be issued, we can go ahead and try and get the court documentation pertaining to the underlying infraction.