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K-1 Visas from Thailand: Thai Language Proficiency and US Lawyers

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing K-1 Fiancé Visas from here in the Kingdom of Thailand. I have just noticed, I have been on a few websites here lately and every once in a while I decide to make a scammer watch video for lack of a better term.

Unfortunately there are a lot of fake, basically they are fake lawyers. They call themselves consultants, Immigration consultants whatever and they are they are just scamming people quite frankly I mean. We have discussed this at length in other videos on this channel. 8 CFR 292.1 is the law that pertains to who can represent people before the US Immigration apparatus and yeah there are circumstances where non-lawyers can assist other people. You often times see this in an intra family context especially where Grandma doesn't speak English and her grandson who speaks fluent English, may fill out the forms or assist her in dealing with that. Well no one other than an Attorney is allowed to take remuneration for these types of services associated with for example the K-1 Fiancé Visa. 

The reason I am making this video and I make these rather periodically, is just to remind folks out there yeah unfortunately there are these just utter frauds who claim, one thing I saw here recently is claiming that US lawyers were not as good because you need a Thai consultant who speaks Thai. Well we have got plenty of folks here in the office who speak Thai. When it comes down to dealing with US Immigration Law you want a lawyer who speaks for lack of a better term “legalese”. You want a lawyer who speaks US Immigration Law. You don't necessarily want a consultant who can speak basic Thai. I mean what is that really doing for you in an Immigration context? Yeah you do and we handle a lot of US Immigration cases from Thailand and I have got staff that work full time dealing with our clients in the Thai language and dealing with translations and things.

Yes, Thai proficiency when assisting Thai clients is important but this notion that it is somehow better than English proficiency, well not English proficiency but legal proficiency and legal standing to represent people before the Immigration apparatus, the idea that they even are on the same level is to me kind of absurd.