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K-3, CR-1, and IR-1 Visa Processing Issues as 2021 Ends

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing K-3, CR-1 and IR-1 Visas. I am just doing kind of a roundup in this video of things that I am seeing as we are ushering out 2021; we are kind of going into quarter 4 here. 

A couple of things. One thing that has been nice is it seems like I-130, in the case of CR-1 and IR-1 cases have been prioritized a little bit more within USCIS. I have seen those cases processing through a little bit more quickly than they have in the past through that agency. Now downside, you have got to deal with NVC in those cases and frankly I have never loved dealing with NVC and frankly I think NVC is moving things along not at the fastest pace I have ever seen. That said, more concerning is once a case is considered documentarily qualified, is what is going on with respect to getting cases scheduled and that is happening rather more slowly than we have seen in times past. 

Now I think some of this can be attributed to the fact that the Embassies, in this case we will use Thailand as an example, the Embassies are just, they are not providing as many interview appointments I think because they don't want to have large crowds of people gathering together under the circumstances. Now that said, that is speculation on my part but it seems to be in line with overall policies. So yeah it is in my mind a little bit slower to actually get interview dates set on the CR-1, IR-1 side of the dial. 

Now, K-3s, the downside of USCIS processing faster is the underlying petition may hit NVC prior to the I-129f petition for the K-3 which could result in the K-3 being rendered moot so there is one side of that. That said, as we have noted in another video on K-1's, K-3s I just don't see the I-129f at the USCIS level is as prioritized as it once was. It seems to be moving through a little more slowly than it used to move in the past. And again, we have still got the same issues on the Embassy side even with K-3s where you have got to deal with just appointments are fewer and further between. Long story short, at least through the end of 2021 I think we are going to see things moving slower than we would otherwise like, slower than usually expected in cases like this. Hopefully things will make a turnaround as we get into 2022.