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K-3, CR-1, & IR-1 Visas: Thai Language Proficiency and US Lawyers

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Thai language proficiency with respect to assistance in a K-3, CR-1 or IR-1 Visa case. What are we talking about here? Well unfortunately I make a video like this every once in a while. I made one contemporaneously with this one discussing Fiancé Visas specifically.

There are just a lot of scammers out there, just fake lawyers. They call themselves consultants, they call themselves whatever; some of them just blatantly claim to be lawyers and if you ask them where their license is at or anything, they can't tell you. The reason I am making this video is because there seems to be this meme out there that in the Thailand context that using a Thai consultant, a local Thai consultant is better than using a US Lawyer. Now I can understand there may be, and I hate to lend any credence to this whatsoever, but I do understand the notion that having somebody here in Thailand to assist there is some benefit but to just have somebody that speaks Thai; Thai proficiency is important, we have staff here in the office that are working full time every day dealing with clients of mine that I deal with when I am dealing with either the Department of Homeland Security or the Department of State in the form of the US Embassy here in Bangkok. My staff is dealing with those folks primarily in Thai, I deal with them sometimes in Thai; I deal with them sometimes in English. Again it is going to be case specific but what I have seen is this notion that there is this meme out there that: "Oh, if you use a Thai language consultant, that is a better thing than a US lawyer or somebody that actually knows how to practice US Immigration Law". 

To be clear, the Immigration System is in a state right now that you don't want to be using somebody that just doesn't know anything and is just out there in a flim-flam way operating and just trying to take people's money and just BS their way for lack of a better term. I hate to use that term but just kind of BS their way through the system and not very well right now by way. I mean the system is not in good shape so getting through it is a real struggle for somebody who is qualified and knows how to deal with the Law and has dealt with the system for in my case almost a decade and a half. It is already hard enough for me, I can't imagine what it is like for somebody has no idea what they are doing. So this notion of Thai language proficiency, it is important. We have got staff in our office, the Thai nationals that deal with Thai language stuff daily and in fact hour by hour. I do from time to time depending on if I need to, but long story short, now this notion that just some local consultant is better than a US lawyer that is really just absurd.