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K-3 Visa Process in 2022

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the K-3 Visa process going into 2022. Now, the thing to bear in mind with respect to the K-3, I do videos on the K-3 mostly because people use it as a colloquialism to refer to US Marriage Visas. 

In point of fact I mean we don't really process a ton of K-3s. It is usually pretty rare. One of the reasons is it is somewhat redundant especially now where they have kind of prioritized underlying Immigrant Spouse Visas and as a result, the policy reasoning behind the creation of the K-3 is often not in existence when you are processing a K-3 case. What I am talking about here is in the past when they created the K-3, there were huge backlogs to get Immigrant Spouse Visas. As a result they created the K-3, it sort of expedited things. Then, about 10 years ago they started doing what was called Administrative Closure where they started closing K-3 cases because an Immigrant Spouse Visa got through the petition process; it got approved; it got to NVC and they said yeah we are going to go ahead and just proceed with the Immigrant Spouse Visa. 

That really hasn't changed all that much. I don't really foresee it changing too much going into 2022 especially as we saw on the last year or so they really did speed up adjudications of CR-1 and IR-1 Visas, the Immigrant Spouse Visas. I don't really see that changing that much going into this next year and I don't really see the Administrative Closure policies changing that much going into this coming year. So again, I see the K-3 as being a pretty rarely used Visa at least by those who are processing through Thailand in 2022.