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K3 Visa Thailand: The DS-160

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the K-3 Visa.

For those watching this video who want some more broad information on K-3 Visas, this video probably is not for you. It is very specific K-3 Marriage Visa applicants usually of a Thai nationality processing out of the US Embassy here in Bangkok, Thailand. One form that is central to processing a K-3 Visa through the Department of State is what is called a DS-160 form.

In the past, there were other forms associated, there were like two DS-156 K, there were other forms that we dealt with when processing a K Visa. Now we are dealing with sort of a uniform DS-160 form. It is a digital form and our clients go online, they get their relevant information into that form and they go ahead and upload it and they sort of deal with it, processing it through; we assist obviously. This is information relevant to the specific applicant so they need to get that information up into the system in some way and the DS-160 is the way in which that information is sort of put into the system if you will. 

This should not be mistaken with documentation pertaining to sponsorship of a K visa so in this case a K-3 Visa applicant so that documentation related to an American citizens ability to sponsor a K-3 Visa holder; that doesn't pertain necessarily to DS-160. It is basically a vital statistics form. It is asking for stuff like name, birthdate, documentation numbers like passport number, address history kind of thing, where are you going to be living in the United States etc.? So it is pretty relevant. Now in recent years they have added requirements for things like social media information and that is kind of a recent addition. That being said, the form itself has to be dealt with. It is relatively straightforward. We find folks are often annoyed with it mostly because of the way it uploads. It you can be a bit of clunky system for lack of a better term and we often find ourselves pulling out hair out dealing with it too. 

The thing to take away from this video is it is necessary for the K-3 to process to deal with a DS-160 and those cases that are processed through the US Embassy here in Bangkok where you are dealing with a K-3; you are generally going to need to deal with the DS-160.