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Layoffs at USCIS Likely to Delay Visa Processing Times

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing USCIS and layoffs associated with USCIS. 

We have discussed this before in the context of the possibility that a furlough was going to happen. That seemed to have been averted but as we discussed in another video, USCIS did state that due to funding constraints they may have to make certain budgetary cuts and one of those cuts may directly impact processing of certain cases or just cases generally. 

In a recent article from the Kansas Reflector, that is, the article is titled: Immigration Agency Cuts of 800 Kansas City Jobs Expected to Trigger Backlogs, Delays Nationwide. Quoting directly and we are talking about USCIS here:  "The Agency now intends to furlough 800 of its local private contractors instead - a move expected to set off Immigration backlogs and processing delays throughout the nation." Quoting further: "But the job cuts also more broadly could further delay the ability of USCIS to process Green Cards, work authorizations and other Immigration-related documents nationwide." Quoting further: "The 800 people who are being furloughed work for a contractor at the National Benefit Center in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. USCIS uses the processing center to collect information, conduct background checks and prepare a variety of applications for local field offices."  

So long story short, notwithstanding the fact that USCIS's direct staff were not necessarily furloughed, it looks like certain ancillary staff in a subcontractor capacity have or will be it looks like being laid off. As a result, especially there in Lee’s Summit, the National Benefit Center, a lot gets done there. We see certain aspects of our cases process through there; documentation we need to get done processed out of there. This could slow things down substantially. 800 people if I recall correctly; 800 jobs. That can have a substantial impact on the processing of Immigration cases through the USCIS apparatus. 

Again the overall situation remains to be seen and we will keep you updated on the situation as it progresses on this channel.