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Many Thanks to American Citizen Services at the US Embassy in Thailand

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the US Embassy here in Bangkok, Thailand.  

I wanted to make this video rather quickly and it is kind of part of every once in a while I sort of editorialize on this channel but I am a big believer in credit where credit is due. I think a lot of credit is due to the personnel at the American Citizen Services Section and the US Embassy generally in their handling of the fall out to this COVID-19 issue for providing services to Americans in Thailand and just general services to the American community of Thailand in many different ways. 

Most notably we have had a number of clients who before the amnesty came into effect, had to get a letter from American Citizen Services in order to extend their stay here in Thailand in order to sort of rectify or provide a bridge for their visa to get them over into the amnesty window. American Citizen Services I have to say really stepped up and hopped too and really did that fast.  We sent a number of clients, or did it on their behalf in many circumstances, to get their Embassy letter issued requesting an extension from Thai Immigration and the folks over there did it in a really timely manner; I do have to say that. 

The other thing I think is worth noting is, I think this is more the Communications Department if you will or however that works over there at the US Embassy, those folks have been sending out a lot of Health alerts. We have been seeing him a lot we are in the email chain for that and those Health alerts are really useful; a lot of information in there for Americans in Thailand and what is going on with respect to travel arrangements, possible repatriation loans etc. Again very, very useful information for expats or folks who are tourists and they have gotten stranded here in Thailand. It has been very useful and many thanks to the folks over there doing that. 

Finally, the US Commercial Service Section as I have noted in prior videos, notwithstanding the fact that COVID-19 is a problem and we are dealing with it, the US Commercial Service has continued to process letters to get certification pursuant to the US-Thai Treaty of Amity.  These are for American Companies wishing to do business here in Thailand and seek the benefits conferred under the provisions of the Amity Treaty. So Amity Treaty companies are still a possibility notwithstanding Coronavirus and we must thank the folks over at the US Commercial Service for continuing to work throughout this unfortunate interlude we have had with this terrible virus. I really have to thank them for just really being professional and squared away and really getting on it with respect to helping folks here in Thailand, helping folks who are from the United States. 

Also again one final thing, they both have been very quick, acted with a lot of alacrity in getting back with people from a communication standpoint; just on a one-to-one level. 

So just credit where credit is due this has been a really difficult and trying situation for everyone and folks that have been working down there have just been doing a good job so I thought it was worthwhile to make this video just to say thanks because this has been a difficult situation and down the road people may forget who was in there dealing with the "rubber hit the road" with respect to expats here in Thailand.