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Medical Examinations and the K-3 Visa Process

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the medical examination in the context of the K-3 marriage visa. 

Why are we bringing this up? Well there are some frequently asked questions with respect to the medical exam specifically in the context of the K-3 marriage visa. First of all some people ask, “'Why do I need it?" Well there are rules with respect to those coming into the United States that they need to be screened for communicable diseases and they need to be vaccinated as well. They need to ensure that they have been vaccinated against various types of illnesses.  Another question is, "When should we do it?" My general answer to this is "as close to interview as possible".  These exams for lack of better term, can go stale, and you don't want to go ahead and do a medical examination too early as it can result in having to do it over again to make sure that it's valid for purposes of visa issuance.  Another thing is, "Where are these issued?" Well there are two places in Bangkok that will issue medical examinations as well as one place in Chiang Mai. "Who can undertake a medical exam? Can it just be my clinic down around the corner?"  No that's not possible.  Those who are qualified as civil surgeons and certified by the US mission in Thailand are the only ones that are qualified to provide this type of exam. Therefore, that is the reason there only a couple of places in the Kingdom that will go ahead and issue it. 

So the thing to take away from this video is medical examinations are an important aspect of K-3 Visa process. They are looking to make sure individuals are in fact vaccinated.  They are looking for communicable diseases. HIV and tuberculosis can be a real issue with respect to the medical exam.  I have done some other videos on this channel with respect to HIV and tuberculosis in the context of the US Visa process for further clarification associated therewith. The thing to take away from this video is it is required. It is generally best if it's done as late as possible before the interview so as to keep the exam fresh if you will and it is only going to be done by certain places and by certain people as determined by the US Embassy here in Thailand.