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The National Visa Center Sent my Case to the Wrong Embassy

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the National Visa Center.

This does come up from time to time. We will see a situation, it usually involves what I call a third country national operating in the Consular jurisdiction of a given Embassy or Consulate who sees their case actually go to the wrong Embassy, in these circumstances it is usually their correct home country.

For example, we process a lot of cases out of the US Embassy here in Bangkok. Let's say for example we have got a Singaporean National, currently resident in Thailand, they are working or living in Thailand and their American citizen in this case let's say spouse is looking to bring them into the United States. Well sometimes NVC just kind of default to sending a case, and I have seen this happen actually within the last couple of weeks, they can actually default by sending a case that should go to in this case the Thai Embassy, they sent it to the Singaporean Embassy. It shouldn't have gone down there, it should have gone to the Thai Embassy. There is a way to deal with that. I have dealt with it before. It is not the most quick thing that ever happened in the world but frankly most of the Department of State personnel are very accommodating in trying to assist with that. I shouldn't have said spouse earlier, we usually see this in the context of a K-1. NVC processes K-1s differently than they process Spousal Visas except for the K-3s not to get into that too deeply. Long story short, yes cases can get bounced from one Embassy to a next; it is possible to move consular jurisdiction but NVC also can make mistakes and send it to the wrong place. 

So again this is sort of one of these things it may be a good idea to have a legal professional to mitigate the risk or mitigate the consequences of a mistake like that on the part of NVC.