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Recent Changes to US Immigration Forms

Transcript of the above video:

In this video, I'm going to discuss certain things that have changed as of time of writing, literally over the weekend at the time of this filming. And that is immigration form changes.

Notably there have been some significant changes to the forms utilized in U.S. immigration petitions which are filed with the Department of Homeland Security. And it's notable from the standpoint of those who are seeking legal assistance with respect to these documents that this happens quite frankly not frequently but it happens in rather regular intervals, rather regular cycles.

Immigration forms change. Being able to keep abreast of when such forms are going to change is something essentially that it's some sort of my real house. It's what I do day to day. It's just ascertaining the validity of ongoing forms with respect to my client's cases.

It's interesting because failure to have the correct form when filing a petition can lead to a full flat rejection of the filing and can result in not insignificant delay, usually not much more than a couple of weeks, but it can result in delays. Generally speaking, immigration is going to go ahead and give certain grace periods with respect to immigration forms but it should be noted that failure to abide by the current form or to file the current form for the specific type of immigration being sought, failure to file again can lead to delay, can lead to rejection. And rejection can lead to again, having to re-file the case with the proper forms.

It's just one more thing that the U.S. immigration process is constantly evolving. Different parts of the U.S. immigration process especially the family context, in any context frankly but most notably from the standpoint of our practice here at the firm. We're used to dealing with constant little tweaks and changes that are constantly going on in the underlying process and this form change is just one more thing that you just get used to sort of dealing with. You know, it's just part and parcel of how the process works.

It should be noted the form changes can have a significant impact on petition filing. It can also have a significant impact on the application filing in the consular processing setting so staying abreast with such matters is something that professionals like myself can do in order to better serve a client.