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The Role of Medical Exams in the K-1 Visa Process

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the medical examination process in the context of K-1 Visas. This is something that generally comes up at the end of the overall Visa process. I am going to be talking about this from the context of dealing with the cases processing through US Embassy here in Bangkok, Thailand, as opposed to any place else specifically. Some of this information may be of use in a general context but some of it may be more Thailand specific, so take that as you will. 

Long story short, yeah the medical exam process here in Bangkok, you are generally needing to deal with a hospital that has been certified to provide medical examinations for US Immigration purposes. In the past I do have to say, in the past the medical exam was much more of a pro forma exercise than really it has become in recent years. It is much more, a little bit more of a protracted thing now. Moreover the thing that we see, well for the most part the medical exam is just sort of one more step; folks get through it and they move on. However, in circumstances where there is an underlying health issue it can be a major roadblock. A major example is TB. In cases involving folks that have had TB in the past it can make the medical exam a much more prolonged process compared to the standard medical exam which may just be a matter of going in, being examined, coming back and getting the final results. Now that stated, everybody's case is going to be a little bit different. Folks that have different health issues may have a different experience dealing with the medical exam. 

We are seeing more and more issues. I know a lot of people are really concerned about vaccine policies associated with the medical exam. That situation is currently very much in a state of flux. We are currently watching that evolve in real time. We will definitely keep people updated on this channel with respect to that issue as the situation evolves.