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Thai Fiancées of Americans: Get In, Meet Her, File for the K-1 Visa

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing K-1 Fiancé Visas but this is a specific video to the situation here in Thailand as we are starting to see things opening up as practical matter where we are not seeing this prolonged quarantine anymore especially for vaccinated travellers; quarantine has even been reduced for the unvaccinated. 

Basically long story short is people have been sending me correspondence on “where do things stand with respect to K-1 Visas?” I remember actually I was watching it was on YouTube here, it was Bill Burr talking about a documentary called “30 for 30” where he was talking about a financial planner; the financial planner to major star athletes and the guy would say “keep it simple; don't blow it; count your money”. I remember watching that. I thought that was an interesting way of just breaking it all down and distilling it all into one kind of brief thing. 

The same thing here. Get in, meet her, file for the K-1. What are we talking about? Well there is a meeting requirement with respect to the K-1 Fiancé Visa. You have to have met and you can waive it but getting over the threshold for a waiver can be something of a cumbersome process but long story short, the visa requirement of meeting generally needs to be met. So just get to Thailand, meet her and then just get the thing filed ASAP.  Why am I saying it like that? Because things sometimes shouldn't be hurried. We are talking about people often times that have met and have been talking for like almost 2 years now and they have yet to meet in person and they have really developed a strong bond. I have seen a number of these folks in these K-1 relationships and the meeting requirement is a major issue and there is really no way to overcome it; no way to get around it. Well now that Thailand is opening, get on in here, meet her. Once you have met her, it is off to the races. We can go ahead and get that thing filed. We have got a long period of time in which to get that done but get in, meet her and just move ahead. That is the best advice I can give to folks right now. 

I have had a lot of folks contacting me about this and the biggest hurdle to get over unfortunately right now used to not be a big deal. Folks flew in all the time and they would just meet, it was great. But for now at least and into the forthcoming months I think, it is getting better but I know folks that have been talking to somebody for over a year, they are anxious to get moving ahead. Well get on in here, met her, move on.