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Thai Single Status Affidavits for K-1 Visas

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing single status affidavits associated with Thai nationals seeking a K-1 Fiancé Visa to the United States. For those who are unaware, the K-1 Fiancé Visa is as its name implies, a Fiancé Visa. It allows those who intend to marry an American citizen to travel to the United States, remain there for 90 days for the sole purpose of getting married and then filing for adjustment of status to Lawful Permanent Residence in the United States, aka a Green Card. 

The reason for this video is Thailand has some unique sort of documentation, call it personal identity documentation that can be obtained through the Civil Registrar system and one thing that often comes up in cases involving K-1 Visas is the single status affidavit. That is a document which as its name implies, basically attest to the effect that the Thai National is in fact single and free to marry. This is kind of similar to a similar document that may be obtained from a foreign national’s Embassy here in Thailand which basically attest to the same thing; that foreign national can go ahead and marry in Thailand and then that document is utilized for the purpose of getting married in Thailand. In this case, the single status affidavit for a Thai is utilized in the process to get a Fiancé Visa with the intention to eventually get into the United States and get married therein. So this is just a document, sort of part of the overall process when you are dealing with a K-1 Visa from Thailand. It is something we deal with rather frequently.

Depending on the circumstances, some of these documents look certain ways. If someone has been married before and they are divorced, that document may look one way whereas if someone has never been married before, the document may look different. On top of that, different offices kind of have different formats for issuing these type of documentation. Some offices now issue them in English as well as Thai, that kind of depends on the specific Civil Registrar office you have to deal with. So something to think about with respect to the overall K-1 process is the single status affidavit.