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Is There a US Visa Call Center in Cambodia?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests we are discussing the notion of a US Visa Call Center; US immigration Call center with jurisdiction over US Immigration matters from Cambodia.

The reason I am making this video and I did not have any contact from anybody from Cambodia on this specific topic but in the sort of months, 6 weeks leading up to this video, I have had a few calls and emails from different sources of folks asking me about "Is there like a facility I can call, sort of the US Government to ask about US Visa options in these cases from Thailand.  I want to get a Thai spouse or a Thai fiancée back the United States. Is there a call center that I can call someone to get information about that?"  I decided to make this video not only in the context of Thailand but Cambodia as well because I think there is kind of a misconception out there amongst folks that the US Government will provide such a service.

First of all it has to be understood that there are various segments of the US Government that have different parts to play in the US Immigration process. So the notion of contacting One Call Center that that is erroneous; there isn't one Call Center. You may be able to contact a certain organ of the Government if that part of the Government is specifically dealing with an aspect of your case and be able to get someone on the line to discuss it although probably unlikely, but possible theoretically, depending on the circumstances, but sort of a catch-all call center for US Immigration, that simply does not exist.

One of the reasons this does not exist, and I have actually seen officers dealing with matters at USCIS as well as matters at the US Embassy here in Thailand, actually say this when folks will ask them for information about how the process works or what their options are with respect to immigration matters actually say "Sir or madam, we are not permitted to give advice about your situation or about the options that you may or may not have. That simply is not our function." and that is correct. They may play an adjudicatory function for example at the US Embassy in Phnom Penh. The Consular officers in the Immigration Visa unit, the IV unit in Phnom Penh, they are there adjudicating cases. They are looking at visa applications and they are making a determination based on the facts and law in that case. That being stated, it is not their function to provide advice to either the people at issue in a given case oor to the general public. That is not really their function. 

So the notion that there is some sort of call in line or hotline if you will for US Immigration matters from Cambodia, that is simply just a mistaken notion and such a facility just doesn't exist.