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Tips for United States Tourist Visa Applications

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are going to be discussing US tourist visas, specifically some tips that I thought might be relevant for those who are applying for a US tourist visa.

For the most part we don't really assist very often in the US tourist visa application process. We have done it from time to time but in many cases, applicants are simply almost prima facia and eligible pursuant to section 214(b) of the Immigration and Nationality Act which is discussed at length in another video on this channel. But in some cases where that may not be the case we have been known to assist but for the most part it is kind of my opinion that a lawyer, really much of anybody any kind of consultant or anyone, isn't really going to add much value with respect to a US tourist visa application.

That being said just a couple of tips I can think of. Most notably, the biggest issue is to tell the truth as I have explained in other videos on this channel with respect to things like fraud and misrepresentation. Lying to the Consular Officer is a real problem so be sure to make sure that you are disclosing everything and those disclosures are truthful. That being said, another tip with respect to US tourist visa application that many people sort of get upset about is where the Thai applicant is the significant other of an American citizen, or lawful permanent resident for that matter. Showing that that individual, that American citizen say spouse or boyfriend or fiancé is in fact tied to Thailand can be rather helpful with respect to the Consular Officer’s adjudication with respect to the Thai National. The logic here goes that basically the Thai national being adjudicated, they are going to look at the relationships of that Thai national. If they have a relationship with an American citizen as explained in other videos on this channel, then that relationship will be viewed with a great deal of I would say, it will be viewed negatively. But that being said, if that's American citizen is physically present in Thailand, has been for a very long period of time, has been in lawful visa status for a prolonged period of time and maintained something like a work permit here in the Kingdom, that evidence may go to mitigate the issues associated with a negative finding pursuant to section 214(b) because you can show that "yes I have a relationship with an American citizen but that  American citizen lives and works in Thailand and they intend to return to Thailand after taking a brief trip to the United States with me, aka the applicant". That is kind of a big one especially with respect to Thai Nationals who have an American citizen partner, be it a spouse, be it a fiancé, or  be it a boyfriend or girlfriend. Being able to show that that American citizen counterpart is in fact tied to Thailand goes a long way in perhaps seeing US tourist visa applications being approved. Again honesty: major, major factor with respect to these applications as failure to disclose a material fact or issues associated with fraud and misrepresentation can lead to serious findings of inadmissibility. It also may be deemed immigration fraud which is a federal crime in the United States. For that reason honesty is a major factor in undertaking an application to the United States but as stated there are ways to maybe mitigate the way a relationship, maybe "mitigate the way" is the wrong phrase but mitigate the negative impact of the relationship with the American citizen because the American citizen can show strong ties to Thailand or any other country outside the United States. 

So those watching this video, the unfortunate fact of the matter is, is the denial rates of US tourist visas can be rather high and for the reason as stated in the video regarding 214(b) but that doesn't necessarily mean it is impossible to have a visa issued and those who are applying for such visas are strongly encouraged to go ahead and put their best foot forward, provide information with respect to an American counterpart if there is a relationship there and most importantly just be honest.