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US Immigration: Aren't All Embassies Alike?

Transcript of the above video:

A question I often get, this is usually from folks that have processed cases in other countries and then they are looking to process here in Thailand for example, this is US Immigration so they would be processing through the US Embassy here in Bangkok or possibly US Consulate in Chiang Mai depending on the Visa they are trying to obtain. A lot of people, when I talk to folks especially Third Country Nationals here or I will be talking in the context of a different Embassy for example processing in the Philippines Singapore or Vietnam, and people seem to think that all Embassies are alike; that they do everything the same. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Different Embassies have very different ways of doing things. They also in my opinion have a very different paradigm with respect to how they process. I definitely think some of this is coloured by the underlying relationship between the host country and the Embassy. If it is a tense relationship, I don't think anybody shows any preferences or anything, but I think it can have an impact on the overall paradigm as to how things process. This is especially the case in places that are deemed what some call a "high fraud" post where incidences of fraud are quite frequent compared to other jurisdictions. Thailand is not really considered to be a high fraud post but there are other places in the region; places like Cambodia and Vietnam for example which some would argue are the high fraud post and scrutiny is a lot higher on things. It oftentimes takes a little bit longer to process things through posts like this. Again, it is case specific and it is really difficult to stereotype anything or to make broad statements I should say about any one Embassy because things ebb and blow and change over time and I don't think anybody is trying to operate in bad faith, it is simply a matter that different places do things a little bit differently. For this reason, those who have been through the immigration process before or dealt with getting a Visa before in one location, it is not really prudent to presume that another Embassy is going to operate in exactly the same way.