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US Immigration Doesn't Really Care About What You Want

Transcript of the above video:

The title of this video probably sounds a little bit blunt but the fact of the matter is, on the whole, the Immigration apparatus in the United States and any Immigration apparatus around the world for the most part, doesn't really care about what you, the applicant, want and me personally having dealt with both the Thai and the American system with a great deal of frequency lo these many years, I am doing this video more for people to gain some perspective going into the Immigration process. I am not saying it is particularly right nor am I saying it is a good thing that this is the case, but let's keep in mind exactly what is happening during the Immigration process. 

When you file or when one files for example a K-1 Visa to the United States, you are making known what you are seeking from the Immigration apparatus. You are seeking a K-1 Visa. You are seeking a Visa for a fiancée of an American citizen to come to the US. Anything really outside of that for example “I would like it to be faster”, or “I would like it to be slower”, or “I would like it to be issued at this Consulate as opposed to that Consulate”; those are all things that in my experience, the Immigration apparatus be it the Department of State or the Department of Homeland Security, doesn't exactly care about.  Certain things, for example like the Consulate you wish to process through, “yes they may take that into consideration at their discretion to decide where that should process through”, but the thing to keep in mind is if you don't fit the criteria for Consular jurisdiction, they may not allow you to process through that Consulate and it is just kind of tough; it is what it is.

The other thing I see a lot is people that use the ESTA system and get bounced back for various reasons from the ESTA system. They get very frustrated because they want to do something in the United States; they want to go there you know for a brief holiday or something.  Again that's not the immigration apparatus's concern. Their concern is something came up in the ESTA system, and to be clear that is the Electronic System for Travel Authorization, that was concerning, which resulted in a denial of authorization to travel to the United States in waiver status.  

All of these things, again I don't mean for this video to be overly blunt, but I want to get the point across that the Immigration system is aware of what is wanted and what is wanted is what one is filing for. Everything sort of tangential to that, in my opinion and from my experience, I think they view that is largely irrelevant because their job is to simply process a petition or process a visa application and everything that is attached to that is kind of superfluous in their eyes.