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US Immigration: It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests we are discussing the US Immigration and this is a quote from I believe Yogi Berra which is, "It ain't over 'til it's over".

I have had a number at clients, quite a few sending me emails asking me what I think a Biden Presidency or how I think the Biden Presidency will change things with respect to US Immigration processing.  I am telling them and I know people view me as sort of a buzz kill, but I am telling them what I am basically making this video to convey is, strictly speaking notwithstanding the fact the media has called things with respect or a preponderance of the media has called things with respect to the Biden win. As of yet, it is my understanding that legally speaking votes have not yet been certified. There are currently cases that are to be pending in court and until we have seen a full legal resolution with respect to presumptively the certification of the votes and Biden’s win associated therewith and then subsequent to that the actual convening of the Electoral college and the voting for the actual President of the United States through that mechanism or in a way sort of somewhat hypothetical scenario, a contingent election in the House of Representatives and then an outcome thereafter. We don't actually at least from a legal standpoint know who is going to be the next President yet. I think it is a pretty safe bet based on what we are seeing right now that it is probably going to be Biden but long story short we are not quite there yet. I have been telling people this by email but I am trying to make this video to kind of maybe even save me some time to just sort of get this out there, we haven't seen it yet. This is not a political statement. That is not the purpose of this video. The purpose of this video is to just kind of, if nothing else perhaps tell folks maybe to just simmer down just a little bit. I totally understand the jubilation that has been coming through in a lot of these emails especially for folks who have seen their Immigration cases massively drag on not only with respect to the government response to COVID, but yeah the Trump Administration has implemented policies that have clearly slowed down cases and yes it is certainly a hope that a change in the Administration will see a change to that overall situation. 

That stated we are not quite there yet so perhaps the best advice currently is sit tight, let's hope for the best but perhaps for lack of a better term plan, for the "worst" which is things may proceed as they currently do or as they currently have and I am operating on that presumption. I always operate off of a “presume the worst scenario” and sort of operate from there. With respect to our cases I am just presuming things are going to take longer and until I am proven wrong and things start to get better, that we is how I am going to operate and I think it is a good idea for folks to perhaps look at it the same way until we get to Jan 20 and we see an actual change in the Administration.