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US Immigration: What Does an NOA2 Approval Notice Look Like?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing NOA2 and in this case we are discussing it specifically in the context of NOA2 Approval Notice.

Approval Notices are what happens after you file the given petition, processed it and then presumably you get approved. This may happen after what is called a Request for Evidence or an RFE. It may happen after a number of things. It may take a while but it is an Approval Notice. 

Now I have a copy here. I have redacted this so that there is nothing on here that would disclose any confidential information. Basically, we are going to go ahead and put that on screen. As you can see it has the receipt number; it has the receipt date; the priority date; the petitioner and the beneficiary's name; it has the notice date on it; it notes that it is an Approval Notice; it notes under what section, in this case it is for an Immigrant Spouse Visa.

This should be noted. This form is not a Visa and may not be used in place of a Visa. That is a sort of confusion or point of confusion a lot of folks have is once they get this approval, they think they are done. Well in point of fact, if your spouse or fiancé is abroad no not really. You have to start dealing with National Visa Center. That is a whole different kettle of fish especially right now since this COVID and unfortunately this current Administration has made things very much less than smooth with respect to the National Visa Center. But yes, an approval is a big deal with respect to an underlying petition but it is not the Visa itself nor should it be misconstrued as such.