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US Visa Thailand: Can Visa Approval Be Guaranteed?

Transcript of the above video:

In this video we're talking about U.S. immigration matters specifically visas. I deal with a fair amount of U.S. immigration and visa matters out this way and something I found comes up a lot. I'll have individuals either contact me or they've been dealing with other visa agents, so-called, or for other operations that claim to be able to assist in immigration matters. And one of the things that comes up fairly frequently is the issue of a guarantee, a money-back guarantee with respect to visa approval etcetera.

First of all, nothing can be guaranteed with respect to the immigration process. It's an adjudication. There's certain discretionary aspects of it. There's a practice of law aspect of it. We're in the practice of law. It's difficult to guarantee any outcome with respect to given cases. Now that being said, an experienced and qualified attorney can provide a significant amount of advice with respect to his or her opinion, with respect to how certain outcome is likely to be. But that is not the same thing as a guarantee and in fact, any individual or any firm or anyone offering a guarantee with respect to U.S. visa approval, I would just say it is cause to investigate further into that individual or firm’s credentials to ascertain whether or not they are indeed a qualified legal professional or attorney who can actually represent an individual before

USCIS - the USCIS or the U.S. embassy, the U.S. government general because it's been my experience that individuals offering so-called guarantees one, I've been told anecdotally over the years in a few specific situations that ultimately in some cases the guarantee in and of itself was not forthcoming so in the event that there was a denial of the of the underlying petition or a denial of the visa application for whatever reason, the individual the organization that said that there was a guarantee did not actually follow through and refund funds with respect to to the case.

The other thing with respect to guarantees is again it's a good warning sign to go ahead and maybe again do one's research and ascertain who this individual or organization is and do they have proper credentials because in my experience, and I'm not just I'm not saying that exclusively operators with ill intentions only are those that give guarantees. As I can see, there could be some theoretical situations in which a perfectly qualified attorney might say “Look, I'm willing to give you a guarantee, a money-back guarantee if you know results are gotten something again sort of a contingency fee, if you will, that I can sort of hypothesize on circumstances where I could see that being a situation that a reasonable attorney might say “yeah, I'm okay with doing that.” So it's not impossible that a guarantee could exist and there are reputable service providers that would be willing to offer a guarantee.

But that being said, I think a guarantee is a good sort of signal if you will, that further due diligence is necessary in order to ascertain the qualifications of the individual organization in question and as soon as qualifications are ascertained and indeed that individual is qualified to assist in the matter at hand, then you know that's a different scenario. Go ahead and and perhaps take them up on the offer it might be a pretty good deal. But I would say and probably the vast majority of cases, or at least a large proportion of the cases involving individuals claiming a guarantee outcome, you're going to probably find out that perhaps those individuals or organizations are not really as qualified as they sort of imply or claim when further due diligence is undertaken.