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What Do I Do After My K-1 Visa Is Issued?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing K-1 Visas and the issuance thereof. 

As a sort of visual aid, I have gone ahead and this is actually an issued K-1 Visa package; it was just recently issued. We just started getting Visa interviews scheduled, I should say rescheduled and I want to be clear in that, "rescheduled". I know a lot of clients that have yet to be scheduled, that are waiting around in the queue and I know there is a lot of you and we are certainly working through it as fast as we can but this was a case that had been scheduled, it had been canceled and due to the lockdowns associated with COVID-19, it was subsequently rescheduled.  We got the Visa issued and this is what everything looks like now. 

I am not going to be able to show the Visa itself for obvious reasons. It has got client information in there but there is nothing on here that provides anything that would identify anyone specifically. This is just what the package looked like. It is actually all sealed up. A K-1 you still bring in these manila envelopes and this has the documentation that will begin your alien file in the United States upon arrival into the USA. 

A question that comes up frequently, "What happens after the K-1 is issued? What do we do?"  Well, make arrangements to go to the US" That may be easier said than done during these sort of COVID-19 times but overall, basically you have got to make flight reservations; they are going to want to know certain Visa information; you go ahead and make those reservations, undergo whatever COVID screening there may be associated with getting on a plane and then you basically go ahead get on a plane go to the United States. Hopefully in the case of a K-1, your loved one will be there to pick you up at the airport when you arrive in the USA. Then upon arrival, you will be stamped in via customs and border protection. You will be granted your 90 days of lawful status during that time. If the circumstances are warranting it, you need to go ahead and get married to your American fiancée and make arrangements to go ahead and file for what is called Adjustment of Status, the I-485, to adjust one's status to Green Card status in the United States.