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What Does It Mean If USCIS Transfers My Case?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing USCIS case processing.

Unfortunately with the advent of the internet, it is easier to check, well I shouldn't say unfortunately, but in this circumstance for purposes of this video, it is kind of unfortunate. 

We get a lot of inquiries from clients who say "I saw something online. I checked my case status and my case has been transferred from one USCIS office to another".  My response is "Okay".  I am not trying to be difficult or curt with clients or anything, but the long and the short of it is, it doesn't really mean much from our standpoint. Frankly, there can be a myriad reasons why cases get moved around within the USCIS structure.  It is difficult to say exactly why that would happen. Some view this as greatly like it is almost a superstitious thing. “Oh I went to this office and that means it is a bad thing”. Again it is circumstantially dependent. It is factually dependent. I have seen different offices process cases out in wildly different time frames at roughly the same time. I have seen cases that will have been sitting there for a long time processed out with cases that have been sitting there for a relatively short period of time. So again, transfer from one USCIS office to another doesn't really necessarily mean anything. Do not let it upset you. 

If you really are upset about it, if you are one of my clients please feel free to contact me. If you are not one of our clients and you feel the need to get some questions answered, please feel free to contact us. That stated, the general rule is unless USCIS via something like a Request for Evidence or a Notice of Intention to Deny, has taken specific action or requested action from you, if they haven't done that then an announcement like a case transfer is largely just something that is an announcement of something they are doing internally that doesn't even in a sense really pertain to you or at least it doesn't directly pertain to you. It is just basically resource reallocation within their operation.