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What Does an NOA1 Receipt Notice Look Like?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the Notice of Action 1 receipt notice which is gotten from USCIS, that is the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service. 

We are going to go ahead and put this up on screen. This is a redacted copy of a Notice of Action 1 and it is quite literally what it sounds like. It is a receipt and it will have the notice date on it; it will have the receipt number on; it will have the date it was received; it will note its priority date for that given type of petition; it will note the petition classification right here. If you notice this is for the spouse of a US citizen. Note the date of birth of the applicant and then down below it will note the name, date of birth, country of birth and the classification; again I have redacted all of this so that we don't have anything on here that would provide any confidential information. Long story short, yeah it is just basically a receipt notice, again we will put that back up there just so folks can get a good look at that. That is just a receipt notice. It is Notice of Action 1 when you file a case for example for something like a K-1 visa, an I-130, in this case, this is a receipt notice for one of those. I-130 for a petition for an Immigrant Spouse Visa. Again, this is the notice you are going to get back initially and then you are going to have your case number where you can just go ahead and deal with your case as it processes. 

So again we are doing another video contemporaneously with this one where we discuss Approval Notices which are a different thing from the receipt notice but the receipt notice is simply what it sounds like. It is notification from USCIS that the case is received and then it is going to sit there usually and process for a while, and by process I mean it probably is sitting in a filing cabinet somewhere waiting for its turn in the queue.