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What Vaccines are Required for K-1 Visas from Thailand?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing vaccinations in the context of K-1 Visas. 

For purposes of this video let me go ahead and preface this by saying it is probably not something folks that are watching this video really want to hear but this situation is definitely in a state of flux at the moment. Understand that the medical examiner associated with the medical exam in a K-1 Visa is ultimately going to have the discretion with respect to designating whether someone is medically qualified to go to the United States. This may be predicated on a variety of factors including vaccination history. For this reason, it may be different from person to person. So in essence right now there is no direct black and white if you will, answer to this question. It is going to kind of vary a little bit. I think unlike right now, we are going to have a lot more insight into this. 

The reason I am making this video is I have had a lot of correspondence from folks asking me about all of this and understand it is fluid. We are dealing with everything on a case by case basis. Different folks for example with the pandemic situation, have had different vaccines; they have had combinations of vaccines in different varieties. In a sense like snowflakes, everybody is different. For this reason, it is basically the sort of filter or the prism if you will, the bottleneck, however you want to look at this where this is going to go through and where the rubber is going to hit the road is going to be dealing with the medical examine itself. 

Now for those who are not at the phase where they are dealing with the Embassy, do not freak out and go out of your way regarding medical examination, you are not there yet. For those who are getting there, yes it will be dependent on things associated with the medical exam and the examiner and their discretion. I will try to update folks on this overall topic as the situation evolves.