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What Visa Cases Are Processing at the US Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Visa processing at the US Embassy here in Bangkok. Some of this information may be relevant for other Embassies but we are specifically discussing the Embassy here in Thailand. 

A question that has come up with respect to just clients and folks that are on this channel watching, they have been asking me, "Well what kind of visas are actually processing through in Bangkok?" As a practical matter, I am going to discuss only the Immigrant Visa unit right now. We have another video on the Non-immigrant Visas that are currently being processed or specifically I should say, started being processed some weeks ago. 

Long story short at least as of the time of this video, they are currently processing things like K-1s, IR-1s and CR-1s or K-3s but what we are currently seeing is they are only dealing with matters which are being rescheduled. They are not scheduling new adjudications or I should say interviews and adjudications at this time. 

Now that may change rather quickly so understand that as of the time of this video that is the case. We may actually start seeing that change rather fast and by that I mean, so cases that may have already received document qualified certification from for example the National Visa Center, we are not seeing those move through to interview at least again as of the time of this video. All we are seeing is cases being rescheduled if they had previously been scheduled. 

So hopefully we are going to see things moving ahead more quickly in the upcoming days and weeks but at least as of the time of this filming, we are only seeing things that have already been scheduled, canceled and now rescheduled.