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What Will the K-1 Visa Embassy Interview Be Like for My Thai Fiancée?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing K-1 Visas, specifically we are discussing the K-1 Fiancé Visa interview at the US Embassy presumably here in Bangkok for a Thai Fiancée. In fact most cases involving Thai Fiancées all go through Bangkok if they happen in Thailand although a third country, you could have a Thai fiancée in Singapore and you are dealing with the Embassy down there. For the purposes of this video we are talking about the US Embassy here in Bangkok, Thailand for a Thai fiancée. 

People ask me, "What is this going to be like?" and the answer is "Well it greatly depends on your circumstances. If your fiancée is prepared and documentation is all in order and they know what to expect, it is usually, I won't say it is smooth because different interviews go differently, but you know it can be a relatively straightforward endeavor." Another thing to bear in mind is if legal grounds of inadmissibility exist, so prior criminal record; prior record of illicit activity notwithstanding lack of conviction; prior problems with US Immigration, these can all factor into how an interview will play out. 

Again, it is my opinion that, especially Department of State personnel, Consular Officers are not really in the habit, especially in an Immigrant Visa context which although K-1s are not Immigrant Visas they are treated for all practical purposes as an Immigrant Visa, it has not been my experience that Department of State personnel are looking to cause a problem. Now if they see a problem and you are trying to hide something, that can be an issue. Do not lie to the Embassy especially in the interview or at any other time during the process or any other agency other than the Embassy, as lying can result in a legal round of inadmissibility in the form of fraud and misrepresentation. It could also be construed as Immigration fraud. There are a number of problems associated with lying. It is never a good idea to lie to the Embassy, especially at an interview again. 

But again, being well prepared, understanding what to expect, these are going to be things that are going to factor into a more smooth processing of a Fiancé Visa but again this is all going to be very fact dependent. For those who are truly worried about this or concerned, it may be a good idea to go ahead and contact a legal professional and gain some insight and guidance into how best to proceed.