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Why Don't K-1 Visas Go Through the National Visa Center?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are posing the question, "Why don't K-1 Visas go through the National Visa Center?" In point of fact, I'm sure there is policy out there as to why, but I don't actually know exactly why K-1s are processed differently than for example Immigrant Spouse Visas.  

The K-1 presently when it leaves the Department of Homeland Security after a petition is presumably approved essentially it does go to NVC briefly because the NVC albeit briefly because the NVC acts as a sort of clearing House to send that case on to the relevant Embassy or Consulate where it will be processed so in a sense they do deal with K-1s but as a practical matter, it is not the same at all. When we are dealing with Immigrant Spouse Visa cases we have to deal a lot, interact a lot with the NVC and their system CEAC and believe me when I say it can be pretty overwhelming and it can be very frustrating to say the least. It is not in my opinion the best designed system and quite frankly especially sort of in the aftermath of COVID, it is just something not pleasant to deal with quite honestly. 

So long story short is I don't exactly know the answer but it is good to point out that the K-1 is fundamentally different from the Immigrant Spouse Visas because K-1s get to avoid sort of the worst aspects of processing through the NVC.