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Will National Visa Center Processing Get Better Under Biden?

Transcript of the above video:

A question that is posed by this video is "Will NVC processing get better under Biden?"

I had a lot of people asking me this in recent weeks and the short answer to it is I think "Yes it will." The longer answer is "Yes it will but it remains to be seen exactly when." Now I do think unfortunately there has been a lot of hold up at NVC. Now they have cited COVID but they also were doing some things that were slowing things down especially administratively long before COVID ever came around. Presumably at the very least, a new Administration will discontinue meddling, for lack of a better term. Hopefully they will stop affirmatively trying to make the system obstacle prone or obtuse or difficult to deal with for folks that are just trying to process their or their loved one’s visa to the United States. So exactly when that will happen remains to be seen. One thing I think we probably will see come January 21, 2021 will probably be just no more active meddling or no more actively trying to "undermine" for lack of a better term some of these cases in an administrative context. I am hoping that we see that rather quickly. 

Now over here in Bangkok, we are seeing cases starting to move through the Embassy albeit more slowly than we would otherwise like but they have their own considerations that they have to deal with. Hopefully things will start getting back on track or looking at least ostensibly like they did in Quarter 1 of 2020, hopefully sometimes sooner rather than later in 2021.