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Will Visa Interviews at US Embassy Bangkok be Impacted by Lockdown?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing, for lack of a better term we are going into more of a "locked down" state. 

I have read a lot of things where they get into the semantics of exactly what a "lockdown" is versus stricter control measures, but long story short, a lot of things are being closed down here in Thailand. A lot of places are doing remote working and we are sort of reverting or regressing back to where we were a few months ago with respect to freedom of movement, for lack of a better term and ability to use various physical facilities here in the city specifically to Bangkok and throughout different parts of the country. 

I am making this video because we did another video a couple of weeks back, in fact it would have been on the 22nd December. I am doing this one on the 3rd of January so almost 2 weeks ago and I wanted to do this before the first working week of the New Year give people some information, maybe some insight into where things stand. This is from the US Embassy in Bangkok's website and it was last updated December 28th, 2020. So again the last one of these videos we did was on the 22nd. Quoting directly: “US Embassy Bangkok's Consular Section has reduced availability for routine services until further notice. Appointments can be made through the US Embassy website." Now that is Consular Services. What we are talking about that is CRBAs, Consular Report of Birth Abroad, that is notary services, things of that nature; notary services for things like marriage, passport services etc. Now Consular Service is also visa. I did a video again back on the 22nd. We had been in contact with the Visa unit obviously between now and then we haven't had much contact really, none at all due to a lot of the holidays which came up in the interim. So as of now and in that video I talked about the fact that Jan 5, 2021 they said that they might be or that was the next presumed date where things would be sort of moving ahead for lack of a better term. Things have changed factually in the interim. I don't exactly know what the US Embassy is going to do but for those folks who do have upcoming interviews, it was noted that all interviews were canceled until January 5th. It remains to be seen exactly when they are going to be rescheduled and we are still in limbo as to where this stands.

My personal gut feeling tells me, I know that is not overly useful, but I have been dealing with this a long time. I have dealt with a lot of government shutdowns; I had the Embassy shut down before, the Visa unit shut down before for various reasons. I would think we are probably stuck with this probably till middle of the January, I think. I can't say that for certain. We do have some cases that have already posted up for interview coming off of National Visa Center for the end of January. Now exactly what will happen with those cases again remains to be seen. If I was betting, and I hate using that terminology, but just if I was looking at my own case right now and what is going to be happening I think we are probably going to be looking at a situation, a lot of stuff is shut down and I think the Embassy may very well go to a very limited number of services and Visa unit just might not be something that they are prioritizing. Again it remains to be seen but I think it is probably, well we know until the 5th, it is very possible I think we can see going into the middle of the month not a lot of activity. 

Now that said if I am wrong on that, and I really hope I am, if I am wrong on that we will make videos on this channel and keep you updated as the situation progresses.