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Biometrics Now Used in Thai Visa Extensions

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing biometrics yet again, specifically in the context of Visa extensions. 

There was a recent article that caught my attention. It came from, also called Thai Visa. The article is titled:  Biometrics Caught Chinese Man Who Went to Extend his Business Visa.  Quoting directly: "Thailand's Immigration Police used the PIBICS and biometric systems to reveal that a Chinese man renewing his Business Visa was in fact someone else." By the way, the acronym PIBICS stands for Personal Immigration Blacklist Immigration Control System. I urge you to go check out our video on that specific topic; there is a video on this channel on PIBICS specifically. You can use the search function on this channel; there is specifically something on PIBICS as well as the App system which deals with folks before they even come into the Kingdom and forestalls them even getting on a plane sometimes if they are considered inadmissible to the Kingdom. Quoting further: "He was trying to extend his non B Business Visa. He was both on a regular Immigration Blacklist and a Ministry of Interior Blacklist. So this was not an individual that was wanted back in the Kingdom and this individual apparently tried to use a passport in a different name and kind of do some things to obscure his real identity and yet again biometrics was quite effective in ascertaining who this individual really was and dealing with this individual in such a way that he was deported from the Kingdom. 

What I really want to get across in this video is they are using these systems. They are using these systems to good effect and as a result we are seeing a number of people who are being denied entry into the Kingdom for various reasons or folks who are being extradited to other countries because they have a criminal record in those other countries. 

So the thing to think about, the thing to remember, and the thing to take away from this video is Immigration in Thailand is becoming more sophisticated by the day and they are serious about enforcing both normal regular law as well as the Immigration Law in the Kingdom of Thailand.