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Could Lockdown Restrictions End Soon in Pattaya?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing lockdowns or perhaps not lockdowns as has been made clear in other videos on this channel. The Government has made it explicitly noted that this is not a lockdown, that certain areas of Thailand are under highly controlled or various levels of control measures for this quarantine, whatever you want to call it. So for that reason, in a legal sense it may not be best to call this a lockdown but for practical purposes there have been as many restrictions as various phases of the lockdown last summer. 

In recent article from Pattaya Mail, and that is Pattaya Mail, a lot of the Pattaya press, I find a lot of the news especially on Immigration that we comb through to figure out what is going on, there is a lot of good stuff out of a lot of the Pattaya Press organs down there. Again this is from, and the article is titled: Business Leaders Prep all out Marketing Plan for Pattaya's Reopening. Quoting directly: "He expects," and he is Ekasit Ngampichet, President of the Pattaya Business and Tourism Association. Quoting directly: "He expects that restrictions will be lifted soon as Chonburi has reported only a handful of Coronavirus cases this week with no confirmed cases on several days. Rayong on Friday also reported no new cases indicating that Coronavirus outbreaks tied to illegal casinos and a Sriracha Beer Garden are over."

It appears that it looks like things may be trending toward I hate to use the term "normal" but going back to what they were let's say at the beginning of the year right before 2021 ticked over, before we had all these new restrictions imposed. It looks like things may be trending that way again for Pattaya. We definitely hope to see that as I am well aware from many folks that watch this channel and folks that are clients of the firm have told us that things down there got pretty darn dire and they had already been in a really tenuous state especially for small business owners; we totally understand. Those folks are really having a tough time right now so I hope for their sake and everyone's sake that this situation has abated and we will soon see a lot of these restrictions being lifted. 

Now that stated, it remains to be seen exactly what happens with this but we will try to keep you updated as best we can on this situation as it progresses and evolves.