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Could a Return of "Cheap Thailand" Be the Upshot of COVID?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the concept of "Cheap Thailand". We discussed this in other videos on this channel but when I say "cheap Thailand" I don't mean that in the pejorative sense or in any in any way insultingly. I just mean reasonable prices. 

Thailand in the past was always known and in certain times kind of incorrectly but as a real cheap destination. Low cost food, low cost lodging, very reasonable priced vacations etc. A recent comment on our channel, and I will just quote this directly: "Let's hope these low rents are here to stay. Would be nice to see a return of Thailand as a cheap holiday destination." I thought it was an interesting and insightful comment. Yeah, the COVID situation has been tragic in many, many ways. I mean two to three million laid off in the tourism sector alone not to mention all the knock on impact that has been had economically as a result of all of this. But for folks that ultimately may be looking to vacation to Thailand, I think there will be bargains to be had at whatever point we see the fever break on this for lack of a better term.

I also think folks that are looking to retire, the notion of retiring cheap if you will, yeah you know once you get in over here, rents are very reasonably priced; food and beverage very reasonably priced. A lot of specials going on in a lot of different places. Again, just touring around, in many ways it is kind of like being backstage. There are hardly any tourists. You go to the beach, there is nobody there. It is very relaxing in that sense. I mean, me personally I kind of like having some buzz around, people around, but it is very subdued compared to normal times. So yeah I do think that one up shot if you will, one sort of for lack of a better term "silver lining" with respect to this response to COVID at least with respect to Thailand is yeah the much more reasonably priced Thailand has certainly come back. It has had a very deflationary effects on the overall market in which tourists and a lot of foreign retirees operate in. 

Now how this will proceed longer term remains to be seen but I definitely think there is going to be a moment there where there can be a lot of bargains to be had and a good time to be had for returning tourists or for retirees especially even now in that Thailand is a really very cheap place at least as of the time of this video.