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Deportation from Thailand: Where Can I Go?

Transcript from the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing deportation from Thailand. Not a topic most people want to discuss but it does happen especially in the context of folks who end up on overstay here in Thailand. 

A question that sometimes comes up, people ask me "Well where can I go?" The short answer is "The country of your passport is the place where you can always go." The other thing to bear in mind is there may be third-party countries that might be willing to accept a deportee but for the most part that is not the case. In fact, as a general rule you want to presume you are going to have to go back to the passport issuing country, presumably your home country. For certain folks, they may be dual nationals. Whatever passport you traveled into Thailand on that possibly is the place they are going to send you back to. 

The reason for this video is yeah there may be circumstances wherein somebody might be able to go to another country, another country might accept them but understand you are labeled a deportee from Thailand, so whatever receiving state accepts you has to accept you as such. That is not a foregone conclusion. I would go further and say in the sort of post COVID-19 response era, I definitely would say it is not a foregone conclusion. 

There were times in the past we saw this over some 12 years of dealing with this stuff where for example somebody gets deported from Thailand and they might be able to get into Singapore, Malaysia. It oftentimes depended on their nationality, the type of passport they held; it varied from country to country. Different places have different rules with respect to this. Understand, overstay can cause an immediate deportation. It could also cause an immediate deportation. It can also cause an immediate detention if you caught in overstay while you are out and about here in Thailand. 

So something to keep in mind, do not going into overstay. It is not a good idea and understand that deportation to a third party country is not a foregone conclusion.