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Immigration Doing More House Checks on Foreigners Living In Thailand

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Thai Immigration yet again and this video is going to be a little different. I am not going to really quote anything although there has been some information in various news sources on this but we are talking about so called “house checks” and it appears that Thai Immigration is now making more house calls than they once did. This comes on the heels of matters pertaining to the TM30. It appears that with people doing more reporting of their addresses, utilizing the TM30 form, we are seeing Immigration becoming more proactive in confirming the whereabouts of those foreigners. 

Now as I stated, I have seen some information in various news outlets on this but in the context of this video I am going to bring it up from an anecdotal point of view. We had two clients who contacted us and said that Immigration have indeed come to their home and confirmed that they are in fact there. In one case, which involved a client down in Phuket, the Immigration Officers actually came to that person's home at 11 p.m., at 11 at night, they came and confirmed that that person lived there. Why they did this is beyond me but that being said it seems to be in line with their increasing stringency and increasing scrutiny of people living in the Kingdom. 

So how this is going to progress moving forward we don't exactly know but it is notable to keep in mind that Immigration does follow up with some of these things and when one does report their address here in the Kingdom through something like a TM30 or the TM28, we are seeing Immigration follow up with those matters and double-checks to see if that foreigner is in fact living at the place that they claim they are living.