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Laos Immigration Regulations in the Context of Thailand Border Runs

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Lao Immigration regulations; that is Lao PDR. That is the country just north of Thailand. We are discussing this because as we are getting closer to the Immigration Amnesty here in Thailand's deadline for ending, I think folks are going to be increasingly concerned about their ability to try to regularize their status for remaining in Thailand and therefore they are looking at information regarding the Immigration systems of the various bordering countries so they can understand if they have the option of being able to travel out to that country and possibly travel back in to Thailand in order to maintain their lawful status here in the Kingdom. 

So this information is coming from the Laos Immigration website that is, Quoting directly: "Arrival: permission to entry into Lao PDR for persons who are holding diplomatic, official passports and international organizations with essentials assigned from their own authorities and must strictly follow the procedures and health sector's instructions."  So basically they are saying certain diplomatically credentialed folks can get into Laos. Quoting further: "Persons who have all types of visas granted and visa waivers bilateral, unilateral are not allowed to travel into the Lao PDR in line with Prime Minister's order number O6 /PM dated 29th March, 2020 except traveling with the following purposes such as freight shipment, utensils and consumables, shipping oil and essential, shipments. Not over three persons for freight truck included driver and accompaniers by Immigration Officers join with related sectors to inspect the items to be shipped and Medical Certificate required of departure country. Also must strictly follow the procedures and health sector's instruction at arrival. Pursuant to article 12 of the Law on Immigration and Border Management of the Lao PDR.” 

So it looks like Laos is currently sort of in a similar situation to Thailand wherein as of the time of this video they are not allowing anyone in other than diplomatically credentialed personnel, certain folks from International organizations, presumably those who are part and parcel of transport facilities, for example air crew, perhaps even ground crew including trucking as noted; they specifically got into drivers and accompanying crew with a truck. 

So, as a practical matter for tourists etc., it appears at least as of the time of this video getting into Laos is not going to be feasible and I am thinking this from the standpoint of somebody who is looking to do for example a Border Run or a Visa Run perhaps to the Thai Embassy in Vientiane or the Royal Thai Consulate in Savannakhet, Laos. Either of those places, it doesn't look like that is going to be possible at least is at the time of this video. However by the time we get to July 31st this may have changed. We will certainly be doing updates on this channel as things progress.