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Is A Medical Certificate Required To Do EVERYTHING In Thailand?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Medical Certificates. 

I was on the phone the other day with a client and we were talking about his Work Permit renewal and then it came up, we were talking about he wanted to go ahead and get a driving license. I was talking about the Medical Certificate associated with the Work Permit and then I was talking about what I will get into here momentarily. I was also talking to him about a Medical Certificate associated with a driving license. 

To provide some context on this before I continue with the story, in a recent article, this was on Thai Visa,, and it came out on Thai Visa News. It is titled: Medical Certificates now Mandatory for Driving Licenses and New Car Purchases in Thailand. Quoting directly: "Anyone applying for a driving license in Thailand will soon need to submit a Medical Certificate in order to prove they do not have any underlying health conditions which may impair their ability to drive". Quoting further: "The Department of Land Transport made the announcement on its Facebook page stating that the requirement will come into effect on February 19th, 2021." 

So, I was talking on the phone with this gentleman and we were talking about the Work Permit and how you need a Medical Certificate and then he said "I am looking to get a driver’s license." and I said, "Hey, by the way you will need to get a medical certificate for that as well now it looks like." And he just offhandedly said to me, "Am I going to need a Medical Certificate for everything I do in Thailand?" and that caused me to make the title of this video what it is. But yes it was a good question, it was funny too; I started laughing. But yes it appears now that foreigners it seems like for many things and this doesn't appear to be foreigner specific, they say: "anyone applying", but yes, anyone that is over here that has to deal with Work Permits on a regular basis, you are well aware of the medical exam requirement and now it appears that they are broadening out the medical exam requirements to even pertain to driving licenses.

So if there are any other things that medical exams are required for, we will go ahead and make a video on this channel and inform you accordingly.