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Retirees and Expats as Priority Traveler Groups in Thailand?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Retirees and Expats as possible priority travel groups. What are we talking about? Well look it is no secret that Thailand's Tourism Industry is really in bad shape. We have discussed this at length to the point where I don't even like talking about it anymore but I am trying to make this video to provide some insight to those who are looking to travel into Thailand in the future. I personally think based on some of the for lack of a better term just gauging the wind if you will, I think retirees and expats are probably going to be viewed moving forward at least in the immediately perceivable future and by that I mean the next one to two years, as a pretty hot commodity; if they are not I think they should be. I do really believe officials here in Thailand both in the Tourism sector and Immigration can truly see at this point that the economic benefit from these folks is pretty tremendous and they would really probably be or should be warmly welcomed back to Thailand or to come to Thailand sooner rather than later. 

Now presently there are those whose public health concerns are outweighing this but I think at some point in the relatively near future, we are going to see a sea change with respect to the paradigm at Immigration and within the rest of the Government. They are definitely I think going to want to get things reopened; they definitely want to get tourists back but I also think they definitely want to see expats and retirees because they certainly bring in money to the country as well.

So hopefully sooner rather than later, we will see Expats and Retirees be prioritized if you will. That may happen in various ways most notably, like with retirees I could see maybe not being quite so stringent with application of the rules would help to encourage folks to be here. Meanwhile among expats, we have seen certain movements, certain discussions occurring, committees talking about things in the Immigration sector that would encourage people to live here in Thailand notwithstanding the fact they may not be over 50 years old and thereby be able to get a Retirement Visa. I think that is pretty good news and hopefully we will see further developments to this end in the relatively near future.