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Royal Thai Consulate Denver, Colorado Now Walk-In Only

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the Royal Thai Consulate in Denver, Colorado and we are discussing this because there has been a recent trend in the Honorary Consulates in the United States. Actually one closed here recently but many of the other ones have posted information that they will no longer accept visa applications by mail and that appears to be the case in Denver, Colorado as well.

I am going to go ahead and put up a copy of this. This is a printout of the website of the Royal Thai Consulate in Denver, Colorado. To quote directly, "Office hours by appointment only. Please arrive no earlier than you are scheduled than your scheduled time. It also states down here: Thai passport renewals, Visa by mail, contact the Royal Thai Consulate-general Los Angeles." 

It appears now that the Honorary Consulates will no longer issue any types of visa by mail at all. You have to walk-in in person to go ahead and get a visa issued and I don't know exactly why this has come down.  It appears to be a Ministry of Foreign Affairs regulation. It appears to be relatively recently issued. I think it is a 2019 amendment to the prior rules and this can probably cause a little bit of inconvenience for folks moving forward because the Thai Consulates General in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles as previously mentioned, as well as the Embassy in DC, they can have a longer processing time due to their backlog whereas the Honorary Consulates were often times more convenient because oftentimes their turnaround time was a day or two. They usually get the package in; quickly adjudicate the matter and get the visa back out; the turnaround time was usually 24 to 48 hours. That is not going to be feasible I think with any of the Consulates General or the Thai Embassy in DC and for that reason I think that moving forward it is probably a good idea to try plan a little bit further ahead than just a couple of days with respect to getting a Visa for Thailand, especially Non-immigrant Visa as doing anything otherwise is going to be rather problematic. 

So the thing to take away from this video: the Thai Consulate in Colorado is going to be a walk-in only application process now as are many of the other Thai Consulates throughout the United States that have Honorary Consular status. There seems to be, I have done another video, the Thai Consulate in Toronto, Canada appears to still be taking visas by mail but it's my understanding there not an Honorary Consulate they are a Consulate General so that designation or difference may be the reason why they are doing things differently.

So the thing to keep in mind moving forward, if you're looking to get a visa from United States coming to Thailand it is probably good idea to go ahead and plan at least a couple weeks in advance to go ahead and ensure that you have enough time to get the visa processed, the passport back in time to travel to Thailand and be lawfully admitted to the Kingdom.