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Thai Consulate in Miami, Florida Apparently Walk-In Only

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the Royal Thai Honorary Consulate in Miami, Florida;  I believe it's actually Coral Gables, Florida to be precise, but in Florida, the Thai Honorary Consulate. There seems to have been something of a sea change with respect to rules coming down regarding whether or not Honorary Consulates in the United States can accept Visa applications by mail and it appears that that is no longer possible.   

I am going to go ahead and post this.  This is a printout of the Thai Consulate in Florida's website specifically on the B visa page but it is the same on every page regarding all the Visas.  

It specifically says down here:  Submit this application in person

In the past it was possible to go ahead and file these things by mail, as we have noted in prior videos specifically like a video I did on the Thai Consulate, Portland. We use that post quite frequently because we have many clients on the West Coast coming out of Oregon etc. that would use that post rather frequently and it was possible to go ahead and mail in applications to that post and to many other posts around the country. More and more that is not the case.  It also appears based on further information that was on other Consular websites, it looks like this is a directive from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to no longer accept visa applications by mail, and that seems to be the case until further notice. So if that changes will certainly do video on that and go ahead and get that up to keep people updated. But the thing to take away from this from now is Royal Thai Honorary Consulates in the United States will now no longer take in mail in applications for visas. 

This can be somewhat problematic for those looking to come to Thailand on a Non-immigrant Visa or a Tourist Visa for that matter because the processing time through one of the Consulates General or the Thai Embassy in the United States, their processing time is longer due to a longer backlog and as a result folks who are applying for visas may wait weeks, not a number weeks but a couple of weeks probably, before they are going to go ahead and be able to get their Visa issued.

So unless you are in a situation where you can go ahead and walk into the Honorary Consulate, I think in the future you are going to be stuck dealing with one of the main Consulates General or the Embassy and you are going to have to plan a little further ahead than you once did when you were utilizing Honorary Consulates in the United States.