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Thai Consulate in Portland, Oregon No Longer Allows Mail in Visa Applications

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the Royal Thai Consulate in Portland, Oregon specifically.  

Over the years, I have sent a number of people to the Portland Consulate. They have used it either in a walk in capacity or they mailed their applications into that facility in order to get visas issued, visas reissued etc.  It was always quite a professional post and they generally speaking got their job done very efficiently and I can only say to the staff of that particular post: "Good job and it's unfortunate that you no longer take in mail in applications because your efficiency in your professionalism was very much appreciated."

That being said, there is nothing wrong with utilizing one of the Consulates either the Thai Consulate in Los Angeles,  the Thai Consulate in Chicago Thai Consulate New York City or the Royal Thai Embassy in Washington DC; there is nothing wrong with any of these posts. Sometimes it was simply more convenient depending on the geographic location of individual applicants to utilize the Consulate in Portland, especially those I found on the West Coast found it very convenient indeed. 

That being said, according to an official announcement on their website at, this is Royal Thai Honorary Consulate General, Announcement:  "The Portland Consulate will remain a walk-in office for 2019. Please continue to check our website for updates. We will continue to issue single-entry tourist visas and single entry non-immigrant visas, category O, ED and B. We are not able to offer visas by mail in Portland."

So that is an unfortunate turn of events especially with respect to those living on the West Coast and those living within the Portland Consulate's jurisdiction as again it was always our experience for clients that were utilizing that post, it was quite an efficient and effective post and the Honorary Consul and their staff should be commended for all of the assistance they provided to Americans seeking Thai visas in the past and this closes the book on those mail-ins. That being said, those looking to walk in to that particular Consulate can still do so, so for many people it will still remain a very useful and convenient post with for the purposes of getting a Thai Visa issued to come to the Kingdom for purposes of Tourism, education, business or miscellaneous, generally speaking with respect and relation to family connection ie. marriage and or children and family here in the Kingdom of Thailand.