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Thai Consulate Toronto, Canada Still Accepting Mail in Visa Applications

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the Royal Thai Consulate in Canada or specifically in Toronto. 

There have been recent announcements in the United States that the Honorary Consulates throughout the United States for example the Thai Consulate in Denver; the Thai Consulate in Miami; the Thai Consulate in Portland; the Thai Consulate in Texas are no longer accepting Visa applications by mail.  One popular Consulate to use in Canada which has been our experience, is the Thai Consulate in Toronto but it appears that that Consulate remains on the same path it always was, which is accepting mail-in visa applications. I am just going to go ahead and post this up here. This is a printout from the Thai Consulate website. It is from March 23rd, 2019 and quoting directly: "Completed visa applications can be dropped off in person at 17 Isabella Street, Unit 100. We also accept Courier Services and registered mail as acceptable forms of delivery. Please do not send your application through regular mail. If you would like your application sent back please include a prepaid express post envelope with your return address details filled out in advance. Further instructions below and on the application form. 

Now a couple of things. To the best of my knowledge, the Thai Consulate in Toronto is not an Honorary Consulate whereas the Consulates that we have been seeing which are no longer accepting mail-in the United States are Honorary Consulate so I am not quite certain if maybe the designation of Honorary vs. Consulate General may be determinative as to whether or not they will accept visa applications by mail.  That being said, I think it is pretty safe to presume that the Thai Consulate in Toronto will probably continue to accept visa applications by mail at least moving forward.  However, if that changes, we will certainly do a video to update you and let you know.