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Thai Embassy, Kuala Lumpur: New Online Visa Appointment System

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are going to be discussing Visa applications processed through the Royal Thai Embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

It recently came to our attention here at the firm via a client actually, who obviously will remain nameless, but who is greatly appreciated in bringing this to our attention. This client noticed when this person was processing their visa application through Kuala Lumpur recently, noticed there was a posting put up at the Thai Embassy in KL and they bought this to our attention and sent us a photo of this announcement. We will go ahead and put that up with this video but I will read it real quickly. "Important Announcement: The Royal Thai Embassy in Kuala Lumpur will launch a new online visa queue system in the near future. Thus all applicants must make an appointment before submitting visa applications at the Consular Section to the Royal Thai Embassy updated information will be posted on the website”. And they go ahead and give the website of the Royal Thai Embassy. Basically, KL is a rather popular destination for those who are seeking a new visa to come back into Thailand or to get an initial visa in order to stay in Thailand; it is quite a popular post among so-called "visa runners".

That being said, throughout the world more and more embassies are undertaking digitization of the scheduling of their immigration interview appointments. The United States for example has had that for some time now. In fact even at the American Citizen Services section of the US Embassy they go ahead and set all appointments online. So this isn't particularly new, especially for the western world, but this is something relatively new especially for those who are used to being able to sort of just run in and do a visa run without a lot of preparation beforehand if you will and so I expect that this will have some ramifications.

As noted in a previous video on this channel we discussed some quotas that were being placed on the Royal Thai Consulate in Penang that they would only be taking 100 applicants per day pursuant to a relatively new rule that came out within the past year of the timing of this video. That being said whether or not they will be a sort of cap on the number of Visa applications that will be accepted in a given day remains to be seen with his new program at the Thai Embassy in Kuala Lumpur but I think it is fairly safe to make the presumption that online appointment scheduling will need to be done in the relatively near future and we will keep you up-to-date via this channel if and when that becomes a necessity.