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Is Thailand Better to Expat Retirees Than the Rest of Asia?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing whether Thailand is better than most jurisdictions in Asia with respect to treatment of Retirees. What are we talking about here? I am specifically taking this from an Immigration context. 

Many of the other jurisdictions in this part of the world for example Thailand is the only place, I think Cambodia kind of has a Retirement Visa, Malaysia has the "Malaysia, my second home" program which I have heard good things from folks on but for example Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, a major popular place among expats at least up until the COVID situation, Vietnam does not and did not have a Retirement Visa. I know a lot of folks who talk about Philippines; they say that is a great place to go. I haven't heard a lot about Indonesia. Singapore, the main complaint I hear from retirees regarding Singapore is matters pertaining to expense. Then if you look, if you go up North, mainland China, I am sure there are some folks that are retired that are living there but I would suspect not too many. Hong Kong is not the jurisdiction it once was with respect to Westerners generally and again expense seems to be a major issue with respect to retirees there. Japan very much the same way and also it is my understanding it is pretty difficult to gain status to live there long term especially if one is not related to a Japanese national. Then meanwhile Korea, kind of the same. I haven't heard a lot about Taiwan but that doesn't necessarily mean there is much going on there for Retirees.

Long story short, especially here in Asia, to me I mean your major picks if you will, the countries you would be looking at would be Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia. Those are the ones that are the main focal points for possible Retirees here in Asia. Cambodia I have heard mixed things but their Immigration system is very opaque especially with respect to the issue of retirees so I would put that in a gray area, in the maybe column. I have heard a lot of good things from folks that go to the Philippines. It seems to me, this is just one man's opinion from observation, there seems to be Thailand Retirees and Philippines Retirees and ne'er the twain shall meet. It doesn't seem like there is anybody that sits in the middle. I have met a lot of retirees out here that just either swear by Thailand and they are kind of ambivalent about the Philippines or vice versa. Then Malaysia, I have met some folks that are down there and especially some that have used the "Malaysia, my second home" program. I haven't heard a lot one way or the other on that. Frankly it seems to me there is not a great deal of volume of Retirees in Malaysia for various reasons. Again, it doesn't necessarily say anything negative one way or the other. 

All things considered, yeah I know now at present and especially in the years leading up to the past couple of years, we saw a lot of tightening of regulations related to Retirees etc. but as discussed in other videos on this channel, Thailand still has a framework for Retirees and I think they are pretty serious about maintaining the framework into the future and I don't think the same can be said for every jurisdiction in Asia.