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Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are just making a brief video here to say thank you to which is a major website here in the Kingdom of Thailand for those watching this who aren't aware, which I suspect is probably quite unlikely if not impossible.

Those who live in Thailand, especially those who are expats, foreigners etc. who live in the Kingdom of Thailand, are going to be very well aware of what Thai Visa is. It is a platform that provides a great deal of information to those living and working in the Kingdom and it provides a forum where there is a great deal of interaction among expats pertaining to for example visas, businesses, all sorts of matters that just come up routinely and non-routinely in the course of living in Thailand, especially as a foreigner.  

Again, this is a thank you because in a prior video we did with respect to what I believe to be prospective Immigration policy moving forward in the aftermath of the transfer of the Immigration Chief Surachate ”Big Joke" Hakpan,  I went ahead and made a video on that which Thai Visa then turned around and went ahead and did a full profile on that video and provided some further insight with respect to the overall matter at hand which was greatly appreciated.  I really do sort of want to tip the hat and say thanks so much for taking notice of what we are doing over here at this channel. 

There were some comments, various comments, made on Thai Visa and on our channel. I think sort of as a bleed over from Thai Visa from viewers that were coming to our channel to discuss matters pertaining to what was going on in that particular video and I just wanted to speak to some of those comments, not all of them. There were a great number of comments, many positive, some negative, some rather constructive and I thought I would go ahead and just bring up some of the more important ones I guess I should say; just a few things that I noticed with respect to some of the commenters on that particular site.

First of all there was some question as to where Washburn University is pertaining to my degree here in the background. That would be Topeka, Kansas. That law school is located in Topeka, Kansas where I went to law school. I am originally from Kansas. There also seemed to be some confusion as to my qualifications and to be clear I am an American attorney. I am licensed in the State Federal District Courts, the US Tax Court, and the US Supreme Court. I deal with Immigration matters on a relatively regular basis, certain matters pertaining to corporate law and tax law.  There was also some confusion with respect to that as some didn't believe I was a "real" lawyer - yes I am licensed stateside. Now there was also some confusion on the other side as some people assumed that I was a Thai Attorney.  I am not licensed in the Kingdom of Thailand specifically with respect to being an attorney in the Thai Courts.  I am a naturalized Thai citizen so while I do hold American credentials as an Attorney there, I am also a citizen here in the Kingdom of Thailand and in my capacity as the Managing Director of our firm, I provide various sort of liaising and facilitation activities pertaining to our American and foreign clients when it comes to dealing with our Thai legal staff. The other thing to keep in mind is I also have been through the entire Thai Immigration process, pretty much from start to finish, so in my opinion I can provide some insight with respect to not only policy and the actual regulations as anybody can go ahead and read those, I can also provide certain insight with respect to in my opinion, for lack of a better term the paradigm or the thinking of Immigration Officers on a policy level having dealt with it lo these twelve years.  

The  thing to keep in mind is notwithstanding that, I don't claim to be the end-all be-all with respect to this information and I do think that there are, I can be wrong at times, I've been proven wrong at times.  That being said, I try to provide as much insight as I can based on the limited experience and knowledge that I have. 

So again, hats off to Thai Visa. Thank you very much for making that profile of us. With respect to some of the comments, some of which were very constructive, and I think I have tried to answer some of those especially the ones that came over as comments on our channel, and anybody else that has any questions with respect to that particular video please feel free to come over to our channel and just leave a comment.   Our staff tries to go ahead and answer those as and when necessary and we will try to do that in the future.