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"Travel (Test) and Go" Swab "Hubs" for Quarantine-Free Thailand

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the so-called "Travel and Go" swab "Hubs" or "Test and Go" Swab "Hubs" here in Thailand. I just found this kind of an interesting point in an article I was reading from Thai Examiner, I urge folks to go and check this out. There has been a lot of interesting stuff on that site here recently, insightful. The Thai Examiner when they write an article, it is detailed and it is pretty long too. There is a lot of information contained in any one of those articles. This article was titled: Most Tourists will be able to Travel Freely in Thailand once they Pass their first test on arrival here; again Quoting directly: "It has emerged that the thousands of travellers from 46 countries across the world who are expected to arrive in Thailand after November 1st will have the same freedom to travel throughout the Kingdom as Thai nationals once they have passed a COVID-19 test on arrival under what Thailand's Tourism Promotion Agency has called "Travel and Go". I have seen this also referred to as "Test and Go" so that is why the title of the video is what it is. Quoting further: "This will mean by-passing the complicated and demanding "Sandbox" programs which will now only apply to visitors on a second and third tier basis that the Tourism Authority of Thailand has labeled "Living in the Blue Zone"; I have got to be honest, some of these names I just find them funny I guess, "and "Happy Quarantine". Quoting further: "on Friday Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn, the Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand explained how the Prime Minister who is playing a key role in the reopening ordered testing at "Swab Hubs" near key airports welcoming these incoming "travel and go" foreign passengers." I am sorry to laugh but I have got to be honest with you, the phrase "Living in the Blue Zone", that sounds like a novel like Philip K. Dick would write, like some kind of sci-fi; I would love to know what the "blue zone" is. 

Okay, back to the point though here. This "travel and go" system I think is going to create or it is going to facilitate much more efficient travel for foreigners who are looking to come in to Thailand. As we have noted in other videos, at least initially, it looks like folks are going to be required to do a night in a hotel before they test out to be able to leave. From what I am reading and what I am gathering here is that may evolve into just a quick test when you arrive; you come up negative and BOOM, off you go. Now that is a level of speculation on my part for now so take that as you will but I found that was interesting. Hopefully it will evolve that way so we will see facilitation of more tourism and travellers here to Thailand sooner rather than later. 

But long story short, I think what is key here is concrete programs are being implemented, they are being implemented rather rapidly to go ahead and allow for tourist to come into Thailand, quickly test and be on their way and go about their business as tourists, as travelers, whatever, here in the Kingdom of Thailand.