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Update on TM30 in Thailand for 2020

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the TM30 form yet again. 

This was a form that came to prominence in the year 2019. It has existed or at least the statutory framework underlying the form itself has existed, since 1979 when the Immigration Act under which current Immigration law is applied was promulgated. So it has been around quite a while but for those who are frequent visitors to this channel and for those who keep up with Thai Immigration matters here in the Kingdom, they will be aware that as a practical matter it really wasn't enforced nor was it really dealt with prior to the year 2019 when implementation of this form was brought back. So we saw this come about last year. 

In a recent article from the Phuket News, that is, the article is titled: No change in TM30, TM28 Reporting, Says Phuket Immigration. Quoting directly: "There have been no changes to requirements for landlords of foreigners and for foreigners themselves to report their own whereabouts under the TM30 and TM28 provisions, a senior officer at Phuket Immigration has told the Phuket News. Now bear in mind each Immigration Office takes a different tactic, they have a different way of enforcing the rule province by province so the way Phuket does things may be slightly different than the way for example Bangkok does things, or Chiengmai or Pattaya, Samui for example; any of the other provinces.  Everybody is going to do it a little bit differently. 

Now that being stated, it is our experience and from what we have heard from Thai Immigration to this point that "yeah there isn't really any change to whatever the current local iteration of the TM30 rules are. They have not changed as of 2020 and moving forward it looks like those who had to deal with TM30 in 2019 will continue needing to deal with TM30 in 2020.