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Vaccine Passports: From Fringe Notion to Foregone Conclusion?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Vaccine Passports again. This is more of an opinion piece. I have just found it interesting in the last year, when we were discussing this some 9 months ago, I was discussing it I believe in the context of the World Economic Forum. They were talking about the notion of Common Pass and other issues associated with the notion of Vaccine Passports. We got a little bit of negative feedback talking about this because a lot of people were saying: "oh no. You are over exaggerating this." I think the term conspiracy theorist was thrown at me in a couple of pieces of correspondence. Someone that was getting way out on the fringe about what could possibly happen and here we are, vaccine passports appear to be not just upon us but probably going to be issued quite soon if they haven't already been at the time of this video, at least here in Thailand. Exactly what the ramifications of that are going to look like remain to be seen. I am not going to get into my personal opinion as to whether or not they are going to be necessary or we should be using these; that is not really the purpose of this video.

The purpose of this video and one of the reasons I have this channel especially in the Thai Immigration context, to a lesser extent the US immigration context and then in sort of a general legal sense, lawyers have a tendency to look backwards because that is what the law does functionally. It looks backwards. It is based on things that were passed in the past. They happened before and now we are dealing with the ramifications of those laws in the present. I would argue one shortfall of the legal profession is it has a tendency to always do that. It doesn't really look forward and in this channel I tried to be forward looking at what to anticipate is coming. We made videos way back when talking about the possibility that Income Affidavits from the US Embassy for example would come to an end in a Retirement Visa context and nobody really believed that and then that happened. I was watching the way things were evolving, just watching the way that the Thai system in an Immigration context was doing things and it just made sense to me that it was possible that we could see that documentation come to an end. Just as when I saw this stuff on the World Economic Forum talking about this Common Pass etc. and then looking at the situation evolving, it made sense that well we could see these "vaccine passports" come to pass some time relatively soon.

This video almost isn't really talking about Vaccine Passports.  It is talking about the purpose of this channel and in many ways what happened with Vaccine Passports is what we are trying to accomplish on this channel in the sense of being ahead of the curve a little bit to give people some insight into what travel is going to be like and Immigration policy is going to be like going both to the United States and to Thailand and even in a general international context for travel around the world.