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What Are Reasonable Expectations For US Visa Processing Time?

Transcript of the above video:

In this video, I'm going to go ahead and discuss sort of reasonable expectations with respect to processing timeline for U.S. immigration matters specifically visas with all immigration matters. I mean it from, you know, I-601 waivers I to 12 labors you know, petitions for family to come to the United States, employment-based visas, anything. I found over the years that there are certain people that basically just what they see things on the website and they think that is exactly how it has to be. Understand each case is unique so there is no set processing time for even one specific category and in fact, depending on one's reasonable location within the United States or outside of the United States, there are many different variations and there are many different ways in which a case can process differently.

For example I've seen cases just out of nowhere process sister extremely quickly. I have no idea particularly why sometimes it goes that way. I think you know a case just happened to sort of swing into the lock box and the ultimate processing center at such a time that they just, you know, there wasn't a whole avalanche coming in and it just sort of came in, hit a desk, boom boom boom adjudication was made and processed out. In other cases, you know I think it's for a while so it's again you're dealing with sort of a time. I don't like to use the term uncertain but more a process that's very determining parks and at each given moment at each given crossroads that a petition may move through your guts very things very survival better term variables are going to determine how quickly that or slowly for that matter that underlying case is going to process. So simply looking at the overall situation or going on the forums or even going the USDA website, I have clients or have had over the years ago on U.S. see our asses website, look at the specific category, look at the specific region where the case is processing depending on a specific service centers being used and they will tell me, “Oh it did say this many days and it's been this many days plus two why haven't you heard anything? Well it's not it's not certain though. Those are just processing time estimates. They're not met and it actually says this on the website those are not meant to be used as determinative of an exact processing date or time.

Moreover in certain cases involving things like priority dates and filing days, you'll see dates and maybe your date is now past the date. That's on the website again. It's not really so much cause for alarm. It's more just cause for understanding that the underlying system is rather massive in certain ways it can be inefficient although I would argue that they do their best to try and make it efficient. But overall, it's something we all have to deal with and it's not the most straightforward system in the world sometimes when thinking about this from an efficiency standpoint. So understand that they're a reasonable expectation for processing times. I strongly encourage those watching this video perhaps contact legal professionals and asked for the legal professional the deals with immigration rather frequently, “Hey, what is a fairly reasonable expectation for processing of my kind of case?” Whatever that seems, maybe supposed to deal with this stuff on a fairly regular basis kind of have in some cases almost intuitive or instinctive feel for how quickly a given case is going to move through and again, depending on and we're dealing with this as a deterrent is filming things like a new presidential administration can have an impact so it's probably good idea to contact a legal professional and just sort of ascertain their view on what a fairly reasonable processing time is for a given case.